Studio 285 Clockworx, dba

Studio 285 Clockworx, dba produces, by hand, a premium  line of architect designed clocks crafted from Kansas hardwoods such as oak, walnut, cedar, and hickory.


Other more exotic wood species for custom clocks are available, but Studio 285 Clockworx focuses on using local, sustainable harvested wood.


Themes for clock designs draw upon modern  re-interpretations of classic designs coupled with fresh ideas generated through the free flowing design process. 

Architect and Clockmaker . . . Andrew E Mitchell

Clocks in development.


Clean lines and curves create an engaging form. Oak with cedar (juniper) or walnut clock face.

Size: 11 1/2W x 8H X 2 1/4D

The Dancing A

$175.00 Buy

A desktop sized version of the Oval Mantle Clock. Oak, with a selection of time dials.


Size: 7W x 7H x 1 1/2D

Desktop Oval

$85.00 Buy

A modernist creation in Mahogany with Oak accents.


Size: 7 1/2 W x 10H x 4 D

The Telly

$195.00 Buy

A desktop sized version

of the Dancing A.


Size: 6 x 4 1/2H x 1 1/2D

Desktop Dancing A

$50.00 Buy

A desktop sized version of the Neo-Deco mantle clock. In oak or redwood.


Size: 6 1/2 x 4H x 1 1/2D

Desktop Neo-Deco

$50.00 Buy

A desktop sized version of The Telly. Mahogany and oak.


Size: 4 1/2W x 5 1/4H x 2D

Mini Telly

$70.00 Buy





Size: 16W x 10H x 1 1/2D)

The Oval

$35.00 Buy

Oak Mantle Clock with traditional lines and inset oval walnut clock face.


Size: 12W x 11H x 4 1/2D

Oval Mantle Clock

$175.00 Buy

Oak mantle clock with neo art deco overtones. Inset cedar (juniper) clock face.

Size: 13 1/2W x 8H x 3 1/2D

Neo-DecoMantle Clock

$175.00 Buy




Size: 16W x 10H x 3 1/2D

Desktop Obelisk

$25.00 Buy

Current News

Art Fairs in 2014:


In the process of planning for winter and spring art fairs and shows. Constructing an updated booth design which should, hopefully, facilitate entry into higher-end art fairs.


Most of the shows done last year were in state (KS). Plans to break out and do a few shows in neighboring states were realized by a presence in the Lees Summit Art Fest in Missouri.

Art Galleries:


Clocks are now featured in several venues:


 Phoenix Gallery in Lawrence, KS. on 825 Massachusetts Street.


 Mountain Tool and Feed in Idaho Springs.


 Karg Art Glass, in Kechi, just outside of Wichita, KS.


  Kansas State Capitol Gift Shop Topeka, KS


 Kansas State Historical Museum Topeka, KS



This list will be updated as the work finds way into more galleries.

Desktop Ticking eyeBROW Size: 5 1/2Wx4Hx2D


Questions or comments? E-mail us at

Custom Clocks:


Any clock may be done on special order and customized for individual clients. Commissions for custom designs from scratch are also possible.

A medium sized desktop clock set in a crescent frame.


Size: 14W x 18H x 6D

The Dark Side of The Moon

Price: $450.00

In oak, cedar and rosewood.



Size: 5 1/2Wx4Hx2D

Price: $70.00 Buy

Design is reminiscent of a ladys powder room mirror.


Size: 10Wx11Hx4D

Mantel Mirror Mirror?

Price: $175.00 Buy

A curvy, sculptural clock evocative of a human posture.


Size: 16W x 10H x 1 1/2D)

The Recliner .

Price: $125.00

A fun amalgam of angles,

curves and shapes.


Size: 16W x 10H x 3 1/2D

The Trap-A-Zoid

Price: $85.00

A diminutive desktop clock capturing the essence of the traditional grandfather clock. In cedar and ash.

Size: 3W x12H x 3D

Desktop Mini-Grandpappy

Price: $150.00

In oak, cedar and rosewood.



Size: 10W x 8H x 3 1/2D

Mantle ticking eye BROW

Price: $175.00 Buy

In Walnut and Cedar.


Size: 6 1/2Wx4Hx1/2D

Desktop Recliner

Price: $70.00 Buy

Design is reminiscent of a ladys powder room mirror.


Size: 5Wx6Hx2D

Desktop Mirror Mirror?

Price: $70.00 Buy

A lathe was purchased to make fabrication of clock parts easier. Lumberyard stock was turned turn for practice.. An inspiration led to using the turned wood to make the clocks shown.

The Clockle-Stick

Price: $75.00

The Emerging Cosmos

Price: TBD

A modernistic clock echoing the bedside alarm clock.




The Alarmesque

Price: TBD


Questions or comments? E-mail us at

Andrew Mitchell, an Architect and graduate of the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Design (83 B.E.D. 84 B. Arch) has custom designed and built clocks from fine hardwoods for over three decades as gifts to friends and families.  This creative talent has now evolved into, Studio 285 Clockworx, dba offering fine architect designed and crafted clocks. Clocks are available online at: Also watch for the Studio 285 Clockworx booth at a craft fair near you.


For more about Andrew Mitchell, his public linkedin profile may be viewed here.

Andrew finds the lathe to be extremely difficult to leave alone. Turning a spinning top or two from wood scraps and has become part of the morning routine.



Thumb Tops: $12.50

Reg Size Tops: $12.50

Big Hedge Top: $35.00

Huge Cedar Top: $45.00

Price: TBD

Stick Pots

Stick Pots are fun to turn on the lathe, especially since one does not have to hollow out the interior. A hole is drilled in the top and a cut flower stem or two is inserted.




The acquisition of a lathe has opened up new possibilities. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view recent turnings.

Clocks are available for sale at:

Elegant curved shape with a floating disk. Oak, Hedge and Walnut.

Price: $195.00


The Pimento

About Andrew E. Mitchell, Architect and Clockmaker:


Mr. Mitchell is an architect who has worked on about everything. That everything includes schools, hospitals, aviation facilities, retail, interior design/tenant finish, single and multi-family residential, restaurants, police stations and banks. He has worked in every phase and aspect of project development and delivery, including design.

He understands that design does not have to stop with the four walls that enclose a space, but includes anything that may be found both within and without. Never without a pencil and pad, he is forever sketching up ideas for . . . whatever . . . whatever comes to mind. Over the years what has come most to mind has been clocks.


This tradition of crafting fine clocks for birthday, Christmas and wedding gifts for close friends and relatives and has now matured into a serious venture with an offering for the general public. It is hoped that you will find these clocks exhibit the sparkle and flair that reflects the education, training, experience and passion of a well seasoned architect, Andrew E. Mitchell.


For his architectural work, please see: